Atelier of Taste

Building stronger knowledge on local food systems for healthy living, cultivating an education and support of food, traditions and values. We are building community by sharing knowledge and skills in workshops for early education, schools, communities, families, and children to support rural food and growing crops.


  • raising awareness on what is local and sustainable in the community
  • cooking together as a means of collaboration, building relationships and sustaining traditions and values
  • building a stronger and healthy awareness with the community on making healthy and meaningful choices
  • building knowledge and skills with local chefs, farmers, and families  

Since Acorn began, we recognize that each child needs to experience and understand how nature sustains life and how we live together in our world. We encourage all schools, homes, children to teach and model sustainable practice

We focus on the ways in which environmental education can be used to understand pedagogy and critical thinking in early childhood. Promoting education for sustainable living, We believe that if we are guiding students, educators, children, families, policy makers towards an understanding and belief in the philosophy of Reggio Emilia there is a starting point to understand the importance of our earth, how we come to understand it, to take care of it, and to sustain living.

Since 2005, Acorn Collaborative has been working on sustainability, creativity and taking waste to a different level, research and identity. We work on recycled materials to build on reflection and as educational resources for our workshops, seminars and work with young children.

The Languages of Food is to promote the cultural idea of food based on the educational philosophy of Reggio Emilia. In this session we discover the dialogues, languages, research on food, and learning the importance of honouring food gardens and sustainable food.

We continue to work with Rob Gentile from Buca Restaurant , a top restaurant that has been very involved with serving foods that are local and seasonal.

Rob Gentile is  passionate for food, culture, farming, and ethics and his expertise have engaged us in many interesting dialogues and projects.

Acorn’s project on the Tomato has been a story to tell people from all over the world for over 13 years and continues to be a popular workshop. It tells the story of a yearly project out of Acorn School, starting back in 2005 when the school opened. It is the process of building community, relationships, dialogues, and sharing common and new traditions and values amongst the new families starting at Acorn. It became a yearly project, which turned into telling the stories at conferences, workshops, and inviting educational professionals from all over the country and overseas to visit and tell its life as the Transformation of a Tomato.

As a past ambassador for Food Revolution Canada, we believe in the power of bringing people together to share in their stories of food and traditions in order to bring more awareness on the importance of not only eating together but eating with joy and healthy choices. Learning where our vegetables, grains, and meat come from is for all of us to take a responsibility and to sustain our community awareness around food choices and purchases.

We continue to research and be involved with organizations to support sustainable education and food.

If you are interested in a session or hands on cooking learning experience and workshops  for both adults and children, please inquiry for further details.



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