Professional Growth


Pedagogical  Collaboration:   I am pleased to offer a variety of seminars that may be of interest to the early learning community, teachers,  administrators, schools, and parents.  I have worked many years on developing and presenting different seminars,  including  mentoring and supporting teachers, presentations, children’s encounter with material gatherings, pedagogical growth,   environmental designs, leadership planning, and the atelier of many languages.

Consulting: There is an ongoing exchange with many different institutes and schools that continue to collaborate with us on dialogues about school environments, pedagogy, How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy to the Early Years,  Acorn Collaborative offers consulting, sessions, dialogues in groups with early learning centres, schools and other educational programs  We are in conversation constantly with change and current research and look forward to our continued partnership and welcome new consulting and collaboration with different organizations and institutes.

Studio Encounters

Acorn Collaborative also offers small group participation in a studio located just north of Toronto. It is an opportunity for educators, parents and children to encounter different materials, research materials, and invite conversations. A small group can be booked directly by filling out the form below.

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