Wonder Bags

How can you sustain wonder, support curiosity and engage young children without a set agenda? Offer children time, space, and freedom to play. Let them test theories, inquire, and reflect.

These Wonder Bags have been part of a very long experimental journey with children, educators, and families. The children in our preschool programs were presenting theories and projects on their interests. Educators were researching and supporting children’s inquiries through on going activities, observations, and interpretations through documentation. As these projects became part of our school’s history, we decided to share with others through workshops, study groups, and seminars. Soon we had many projects condensed into packages visiting schools to present the children’s projects to others.

After some time and revisiting of these packages, we decided to convert them into Wonder Bags, putting together materials, and other tools to guide educators and families to think about how children engage with materials and tools.

As these Wonder Bags evolved, they continued to stimulate wonder and curiosity as they do not contain a ‘theme’ but rather a set of tools and materials to begin a conversation. The contents of the bag will lend further provocation into searching for additional materials or an innovative way to test and retest ideas using the contents.

Each bag is customized and do not have an explicit program guidance rather the materials invite the user to play, manipulate, imagine, and create.

Our hope is to continue the joy of creating change to deepen thinking, interdependence, collaboration, well-being, and expression.

Below are samples of the Wonder Bags contents and designs with the materials.

Each Wonder Bag is customized and sorted with materials.

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