Loris Malaguzzi: Repost from Facebook February 24,2018.

Yesterday was Loris Malaguzzi’s birthday. I thought to post something today about my long journey since I first encountered Reggio Emilia and the work of Loris. I was a young teacher, traveling to Reggio Emilia in March 1994. Excited that I was about to meet a legendary pedagogy teacher…Mr. Malaguzzi. I was a little sadden when I heard of his passing in January prior to my trip, but I was still very excited and nervous to visit the schools of Reggio for the first time. From my first visit, first conversation, and first encounter with the children, I felt a complete overwhelming feeling of wonder, questions, and emotions….I wanted to learn so much more about these schools and educators. Although I didn’t get the opportunity to meet Loris, I felt such a great presence of his influence and the legacy he left for the educators to continue. He truly touched a deeper part of my personal and professional life. It changed the way I looked not only as my profession as a kindergarten teacher and ECE but as an owner of a school that loved every child, teacher, and the community, making Acorn School the most wonderful place and then moving on to becoming a consultant for parents, teachers, and community.
I bring along with me a strong image of the child, teacher, and learning. I believe in strong roots of values and tradition and I think that my own family traditions have supported me through this thinking and being. But most of all Loris Malaguzzi has taught me to look beyond, dig deeper, thrive towards further possibilities, keep questioning, keep learning, keep caring and believe in the rights of all children, human kind
From the bottom of my heart, thank you Mr. Malaguzzi. I am so looking forward to my next encounters in Reggio.
Happy Birthday.

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